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Join our ❤️‍🔥 fierce community of gamers, streamers, and creators as we rally together to make a difference in the fight against rare diseases.

Fight Against RARE

Support the Raiden Science Foundation (RSF)

RSF aims to unite the community in developing cures for RARE diseases, starting with UBA5 disorder.

Raiden serves as the inspiration for RSF. In 2021, when he was diagnosed with UBA5, there was no treatment or research, leaving little hope. However, in 2023, a ground-breaking treatment for UBA5 is on the horizon, and RSF is in a race against time to bring it to fruition.

Rare diseases aren't as uncommon as they seem. They affect 200 million children globally, and sadly, 60 million won't reach their fifth birthday. RSF's goal is to scale their research today to give RARE kids a fighting chance tomorrow.


Together, we've raised more than 


to support rare disease research 

Join us for Fight4Rare - Kombat Month 🎃 to raise $25,000

The entire month of October

Community Is Our Superpower

The incredible power of our community's love and support makes a difference in the world of rare disease impacting kids. A world that is often overlooked and undersupported.

"I rather my kid suffer from cancer because there's hope, support and a fighting chance."

Kasey W. - A Rare Disease Mom

All funds raised from our community go directly towards supporting the development of life-saving treatments and enhancing understanding of rare diseases among researchers and the general public.

Check out the highlights Season 1 - Kombat4Rare from last October


Earn Rewards

Unlock exclusive prizes as you fundraise to support the fight against rare diseases.

Sign up and create your campaign today!


Fight4Rare - 11oz Mug

Raise $150

Fight4Rare Shirt 

Raise $300

Rewards are for the total amount raised by the fundraiser in October '23

*Limited to US residents only

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